I adore projects, small- and large-scale, and always seem to be coming up with new ones… most of which admittedly remain ideas scribbled in my notebook or optimistically labeled folders on my hard-drive. Still, I’m trying my best to allow a few of them to see the light of the day and here are the ones that are beginning to come together…

Pop Culture Playpen

Films and books were important constants as I was growing up all over the place, which has led to my insatiable appetite for trivia and pop culture. My best friend and I have written a fair amount on pop culture-y things in recent years and have collected all our babble on this magazine-y site, which we will also be adding designated posts too and whatever else we fancy. Right now it’s mainly us talking to each other, while we bring the site up to scratch – but we’re always happy to find new playmates!

(NB: Since I first wrote this PCP has been live and kicking. We’ve been gathering Playmates left, right and centre! Do join us.)

Apocalypse Book

In a moment (or a couple of hours) of Type-A geekery, I compiled as many lists of 100 Greatest Novels, Must Reads etc as I could find from sources like TIME magazine, The New York Times and the Guardian, and ended up with 270 or so titles – there was quite a lot of consensus! Here I share the list and challenge bookworms to complete it before the world ends on December 21 2012, according to the Mayans/Roland Emmerich. I’ll attempt to review each one, determining whether it was really a good use of my precious time left on this earth. And everyone’s welcome to pitch in their two cents and reviews too.

Welcome to the Weekend (link coming soon)

One of the keys to making a new place feel like home are finding those spots that feel like you – a cozy cafe that serves tea just the way you like it, a well-stocked bookstore, a boutique with clothes that reflect your personal style. I’ve been finding it quite difficult to make Jakarta, aka the Big Durian, feel like home, but the bigger the challenge the bigger the reward. As part of that – and especially for my writing work – I’ve been searching for places worth recommending in the city, places where you can make the most of your weekend, or whatever precious time hasn’t been eaten up by moolah-making and traffic jams. Here, me and my J-pals will provide details and images of these weekend-worthy places, as well as interesting events coming up.

Zudonym (link coming soon)

Oh Zudonym. This project was born in summer 2007 while I was attending a very boring lecture on something obscure and Southeast Asian in Paris. The idea for Zudonym was originally a website for writers – wannabe journos/novelists – to interact in an intimate setting, share resources and constructive criticism, showcase work, as well as develop a monthly magazine that would aim to exist in print once we’d trialled and errored most of the kinks out. Life got very busy after that summer, with internships, further education and career-climbing, so Zudonym has sadly remained quite dormant. With everything I’ve learned about print and digital journalism since then I’m currently rethinking Zudonym’s purpose – but I should be deciding on it soon. Watch this space.


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