New artists sound off at pop-up record store

Sara Veal

Whether you’re a horror punk rocker or indie pop addict, next Saturday (Feb. 6) brings an opportunity to expand your musical horizons.

Inspired by New York’s CBGB music club, which served as a forum for the Ramones and Patti Smith, Julian Juwadi and Mirzie Arizaldi’s AOD Records offers music enthusiasts the chance to sample almost 40 up-and-coming artists across genres, including blues, metal, hardcore, jazz and ska, at its “pop-up record store” in Jl. Panglima Polim V, Jakarta Selatan, from Feb. 6 to 27.

There will also be acoustic performances every week from established acts such as Funny Little Dream, NAIF and SORE. The bands’ albums and merchandise will be available for purchase, as will refreshments.

“We have been supporting our community through fashion and arts,” says Juwadi, 25, founder of AOD, AOD Records’ parent company. “As music has become a strong part of our concept, we would like to show our support for the local music scene.”

Originally conceived while Julian was living in Sydney, AOD (Association of Division) has been, since 2008, a Jakarta-based creative studio, boutique and art space. Julian owns the space and develops concepts for events and fashion lines; partner Ade Sulistioputra is the finance director.

“I get bored very fast. By holding events, instead of just having a clothing store, I get to try out many ideas,” Julian say, adding that AOD accountant and event coordinator Pratidina Ratnanggani helps bring his concepts “down-to-earth”.

Revolving around three distinct fashion brands – Notorious menswear, Proud Parents womenswear, and the unisex Bizarre – the AOD studio has also hosted several events that to promote both established and emerging artists.

Past events include the C&C Projects-curated “We Are All Millionaires” in 2009, a group of contemporary artworks each priced at Rp 1 million, which poked fun at the cultural misconceptions of the term “millionaire” and addressed the elitism of art ownership.

In November 2009, again with C&C Projects, AOD exhibited a series of playful pieces by legendary Indonesian artist Teguh Ostenrik, continuing their shared mission to interest the younger generation in the often exclusive art world.

Along the same lines of inclusivity, AOD Records hopes to encourage music fans to step out of their comfort zones and consider bands they wouldn’t otherwise encounter.

“Plus, AOD has been strongly supported by the indie music scene,” Mirzie says. “By doing this temporary record store we, as AOD, are showing that we support them in return. These bands are doing their own thing, like we are. Plus the kids at AOD are music freaks!”

The 38 musical acts to be showcased at AOD Records beat competition, following a call for submissions via flyers and Facebook.

Interested acts that met the criteria – aged between 15 and 35 years, following “music enthusiast” or “art aficionado” lifestyles – were invited to enter their music, artwork and short biographies.

Pratidina, who went through the entries with Mirzie, said the creativity of the submissions was incredible, pointing out a woodcarving of a baying wolf from horror punk act Kelelawar Malam and a whimsical storybook by L’Alphalpha, an experimental acoustic band. But not all the artwork made the cut, as several overenthusiastic pieces exceeded the specified dimensions

“We want it to be about the music,” she said, adding they needed to ensure they had space for everyone in the 150-capacity venue.

Neither the acts nor the patrons have to pay to participate. Julian expects the Rp 30 million event, which required three months of planning, to break even through the sales of consigned merchandise, refreshments and an AOD Records compilation album, to be released after the event.

Julian credits friends – who have been generous with equipment and support – for being able to cut costs, as well as his and his staff’s DIY approach to transforming the studio.

“After *We Are All Millionaires’, I couldn’t walk for three days!” he says, referring to the painstaking installations required.

If AOD Records proves to be a success it will return in the future. In the meantime, the AOD space will host the launches of fashion/music collaborations with Naif (Bizarre) and SORE (Notorious) in March and April will see another “We Are All Millionaires” show.

Julian hopes that AOD continues to support local fashion, art and music for a long time to come.

“The creative world never ends, it’s always evolving.”

AOD Records
Feb. 6-27
Admission: Free
Jl. Panglima Polim V No.38
Jakarta Selatan 12610
021 72797514
Contact: Pratidina Ratnanggani
0818 0606 4076,


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